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We are building a better tomorrow




We help our partners access capital sources that are aligned with their objectives, leveraging our knowledge of financial markets, exclusive partnerships, extensive professional networks and deep understanding of government grant and incentive funding programs. 

We implement technology into operations to increase automation, reduce human error and to scale. 


Talent is in short supply, especially given the increasing complexity of projects. We offer a full compliment of seasoned real estate experts, finding solutions to problems, and delivering outstanding project results. 

Kadus Group helps real estate owners and executives get out of the minutia and improve the performance of their projects, and business, while also having a positive impact on their communities. 

Our team of industry veterans has over 180 years of combined experience and are characterized by a deep commitment to delivering results. We combine our proven systems, with experience, technology and access to aligned capital sources. 


Client Success Stories: Hear What Our Clients Say

Working with Kadus has been additional rocket fuel for our organization. I’m looking forward to witnessing the impact you will have on everyone you work with. 

Co-Founder, TCU Developments

Kadus Group helps organizations translate their vision into actionable projects and is an authoritative voice on development with a strong commitment to supporting mission-driven organizations.


CEO, Perley Health

The team brings extensive construction experience to their work. This is reflected in their oversight of the 1st phase of the Wharf project in Washington DC for our equity partner, PSP.


SVP, Madison Marquette

At Kadus Group we know development is hard, and that our partners are taking huge risks to achieve their goals. But, we also know that their work is incredibly important, and that the world needs leaders with bold and lofty ambitions to truly make a difference.


That's why we created Kadus Group. 

We believe in the power of change and the profound impact that purpose-driven organizations can have on creating positive change in their communities. Together with our partners, we are dedicated to building a stronger, more vibrant community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.



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