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Justin Ferrabee, Partner

Partner Profile:

Justin has built a reputation for transforming entrepreneurial organizations into sustainable growth enterprises through organizational change, strategy, technology and disciplined execution. In his role as Partner, Innovation at Kadus Group, Justin leads our real estate incubator Kadus360, working to accelerate the growth of our partners through strategy, implementing technology and boosting the efficiency of company operations.  

Tell us about why you have chosen real estate development?

It is hard to get buildings built. Although there is lots of opportunity, there is an incredible array of challenges across the early stage risk of land acquisition, the complex process of gaining planning permission, the ever risk adverse process of funding projects through to the persistent pressure on cost and schedule when building. It is a truly entrepreneurial. 


I admire and respect those with the vision, determination, persistence and endurance to get jobs done and assets stabilized. 


I also enjoy working with visionary people who aspire to create and change things. Real estate is a natural industry. 


What is the attraction to Kadus Group Inc.

Kadus Group is a community of senior people with compelling vision, clear planning and the grittiness for effective execution.  They know how to get things done right and they have the scars to prove it. 


I like people with the humility, calmness and confidence that comes with experience. There is no false illusions or bullsh*t. We deal in reality. Truth. Transparency. That’s how you increase the chances of success. 


I have deep experience in the FinTech space. I am an entrepreneur by background. The Real Estate industry is old school. Same processes, same protocols, same strategies. That won’t last. The technology revolution is coming to Real Estate. I intend to help accelerate that. 

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