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Mike Marcella, Partner

Partner Profile:

Mike is a seasoned Development and Construction Advisor with 20 years experience providing project management, development advisory and construction services for real property projects in Canada and overseas. Mr Marcella has led complex projects on behalf of developers, land owners, institutional investors and third-party clients, working closely with architects, engineers, planners, contractors, and sub- trades to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget. He has unique experience with purpose-built-rental projects, including the conversion of an existing office building to residential. 

What initially drew you to a career in real estate, and how has your passion for it evolved over time?

My family has been woven into the Ottawa commercial real estate industry for nearly 50 years. My father was a Vice President with a local developer/landlord and served as President of BOMA Ottawa, a position my sister currently holds today. Growing up surrounded by the industry, I was always fascinated with buildings and the work that went into developing and managing them. My time in the real estate industry started humbly, working as a labourer for the development firm my father was with and eventually evolved into a career that has taken me all across North America and the Caribbean working on exciting, impactful projects. My passion has evolved as much as I have personally. Today, after 20 years working in real estate, my passion is to truly improve our communities by delivering meaningful projects with like-minded partners. I love this industry, the people in it and the impact it has on the communities we're shaping for the future. I couldn't imagine a career doing anything else. 


How do you balance the demands of your professional life with personal interests and well-being?

Balance in any facet of life is difficult to achieve. In the past I've pushed the limits of burnout and have realized it didn't serve me, my family or clients well. As a father of young children, it's critically important that my family knows they come first; after all, that's who we're doing all this for. I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by a supportive team who share the same values. My professional life is one of my true passions and something I approach with great pride and integrity. Having a supportive team along with a supportive family, I'm able to strike a positive balance between pursuing my personal aspirations and serving our valued clients while maintaining close friendships and being fully present in the relationships I hold most dearly; my wife and kids. 


Can you share your experience in the real estate industry and highlight some key achievements in your career?

My career started by pushing a broom on a construction site and has led me to building custom homes, working in Haiti following the devastating earthquake in 2010, advising on the largest waterfront development in the United States; The Wharf, delivering thousands of multi family and student residence units locally, and starting my own business. It's difficult to say which of my achievements are most memorable, however starting my business has provided me the opportunity to work with clients whose values and aspirations align with my own. It has ultimately led me to my role with Kadus Group, a venture I am deeply passionate about. Being part of such a fantastic team is truly inspiring and the work we are doing will make a lasting difference. I'm incredibly fortunate to have worked on such unique and meaningful projects in the first 20-yrs of my career but what we're embarking on at Kadus Group is the most exciting thing I've been a part of and I can't wait to see where we take it.

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