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Justin George, Managing Partner

Partner Profile:

Justin is a seasoned real estate executive with exceptional leadership skills, a vast professional network, and extensive experience leading landmark projects around the world and in Canada.  Over the course of his 20+ year career, Justin has led over $10 Billion of development, both as an advisor and developer. His extensive expertise across a wide range of asset classes, in conjunction with an in-depth understanding of development economics, allows him to provide a solutions-driven approach to the ever-changing complexity of the built environment.

Where did the inspiration come from to start Kadus Group?

Over the course of my career I've been fortunate to work with some incredibly talented people, and given the opportunity to get involved with quite a few "once-in-a-lifetime" projects. These experiences led me to start my first company; George Partners, which was focused on providing advisory consulting services to Clients in the real estate industry. After founding George Partners, I realized our team naturally treated our Clients as true partners, sharing their aspirations and treating their challenges as our own. It was then I realized we had something different, and I decided to evolve our company from an advisory firm to something more collaborative, focused on partnering with key industry players to solve their most complex problems and achieve results that are unparalleled in the industry. I love what I do so much, that it doesn't feel like "work", so I wanted to work with people that share that passion and vision.  

What motivates you?

I have always been passionate about real estate and have been fortunate throughout my life to travel the world for both business and pleasure. During my travels, I was always fascinated to witness the impact real estate, architecture, and development in general can have on the culture and vibrancy of a city. I often came back from my travels filled with energy and enthusiasm about the opportunity to implement what I'd seen abroad into projects in Canada. Since becoming a Canadian Citizen, and raising my three children in Ottawa, I feel a much greater sense of responsibility to use my experience and expertise for good in the community. The building industry has a unique opportunity to really shape a City's spirit and the lifestyle opportunities for all those that choose to live here. That's a huge motivation for me. 

What is your greatest professional accomplishment?

I feel very lucky to have worked on phenomenal "once-in-a-lifetime" projects all around the world, from hospitality projects in the Caribbean to Europe's largest aquarium in Denmark, to Canada's first One Planet Living Community in Ottawa (zero carbon), to the largest waterfront development in the United States in Washington DC.   Having said that, my greatest professional accomplishment has to be founding my first company and seeing it grow into something far more impactful than I could have ever expected. I am incredibly excited about this next chapter and have every confidence that our team at Kadus Group is going to achieve great things in the years ahead. Watch this space! 

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