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Jennifer Murray, Partner

Partner Profile:

Jennifer is a respected Ottawa-based entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in land development, construction, and project management. Over her career she has held several senior positions, including Vice President of Land Development for a local real estate development firm, Project Manager for Minto, Ottawa’s largest private homebuilder/developer, and many years as the owner and operator of an independent land development consultant. 

Why did Terrain Development Consulting joining forces with Kadus Group?

Since 2015, we've excelled in assisting developers with land entitlements and executing diverse projects, from small residential buildings to a 600-acre industrial business park, with a core focus on project implementation and owner representation. My collaboration with Justin George began in 2019 when Justin was my Client during the Southminster United Church project. Discussions about joining forces was driven by our shared vision of addressing industry gaps and seizing opportunities. The creation of Kadus Group represents the culmination of these shared values. Joining forces was geared towards maximizing our competitive advantage, achieving synergies, and leveraging economies of scale to better serve an expanded client base, with ambitious project aspirations.​

What do you love about Land Development and Real Estate?

I truly love what I do, and am passionate about the land development and real estate industry. It's a dynamic field that brings diverse teams together for a shared goal, and I find motivation in tangible, lasting results. Witnessing projects and communities I've worked on thrive over the years is truly rewarding.


With a background in Civil Engineering, an MBA, and a passion for urban planning, I thrive on complex projects, bringing together diverse teams to achieve success. I've learned from industry leaders like the Greenberg’s and the Westeinde’s. In 2004, Jack Stirling hired me at Minto, and he remains a valuable mentor.  I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work through some extremely busy and prosperous times in the Ottawa market and to learn so much.

What is your greatest professional accomplishment?

While I take pride in numerous projects, my greatest professional accomplishment is the 25-year track record and reputation I've established in the industry. Building my own company has not only showcased self-sufficiency but also resilience, and ultimately has set an example for my children. 


Being entrusted with important projects by numerous clients has been an honor, and their appreciation for my work is a testament to the value I bring. Through my journey, I've demonstrated the rewards of hard work, embracing new challenges, and a commitment to lifelong learning. Even during the pandemic, my 8-year-old twins joined me on site tours, gaining exposure to discussions on city hall matters, zoning bylaws, concrete specifications, and more. Their unexpected interest was evident when my son interviewed Mayor Mark Sutcliffe for a school project, asking insightful questions about infill, housing, and council dynamics.


I am enthusiastic about collaborating with my fellow Partners and team-mates at Kadus Group Inc. Our ongoing projects are already underway, and I am eager to contribute to and witness the success of these worthwhile endeavors.

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